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6m Pattam Sri Shasta Parangusa Yathindra Maha Desikan


Birth place:Karalapakkam (near Thiruvallur)
Birth date:Thai month, Purattadhi Star, Bharadwaja Ghotram
Purvasrama Thirunamam:Vangipuram Venkatachari Swami
Sanyasaasramam:Kalayukthi year, Thai month, 1499 year, Krishna Paksham, Dasami Thithi
Paramapatham:Angirasa Year, Masi Month, Krishna Paksham, Panchami Thithi (1513)
Brindavanam:A cave in Ahobilam

He is a very famous acharya in our lineage after Sri Adivan Satakopa Jeer.  He initiated PanchamathaPanchanam Sri ThathaChariar Swami into Sri Sannithi Sri Karyam Kainkaryam.  He did Sancharam from Sri Rangam to Sri Ahobilam and had many disciples. 

One of the VijayaNagar Kings, Sri SadaSivaRayan had very great regard for this Jeer and gave "Sri BhasyaPuram" village to Sri Ahobila Mutt.  One day, his daughter became possessed by a very powerful evil spirit and the magicians who were asked to help, could not do anything.  The evil spirit said that if our Jeer will come and ask it to leave, it will do the same.  This Jeer went to the king's palace and gave Sri Sannithi holy water to the king's daughter.  The evil spirit left the king's daughter, as promised and this Jeer became very famous.

Sri Ahobila Nrishimhar at Upper Ahobilam, came in his dreams and asked him to come to his Sanctum Sanctorum and spend the rest of the Jeer's life deep in a cave just below the Sanctum Sanctorum.  So, this Jeer gave the Sri Sannithi duties to one of his disciple and left for Ahobilam.  After some years, one of the Jeer's disciples, Sri Thatachariar swami went to Upper Ahobilam, unable to bear his Guru's separation.  It is said that this Jeer came in person and after comforting the disciple, went back to his penance.

It is believed that even now, he is in a deep yogic penance just under the Sanctum Sanctorum.