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WE Want a room on 29 sep morning 5 to 2oct morning.I hope that u will provide us room. thank you
NS Satyanarayana on 9/6/2014
We are happy to inform you that team comprising of 25 members from Mysore(Brahmins)devoties of Lord sri Lakshmi Nrusimha swamy will be visiting Ahobala to seek the blessing the swamy on 2nd & 3rd October-2014.Please provide the accomadation and sree prasadams.
Venkatesh R on 8/20/2014
2 Rooms is required for 4 persons. We are visting tirumala on 23-Aug-14 evening for darshan of Suprabahatam seva
Radhakrishnan.C on 8/17/2014
We ( Me and my wife )are reaching Tirumala on 19/10/2014 evening for taking part in Vasanthotsavam on 20/10/2014. Will be grateful if we can get accomodation in Sri Ahobila Muth Tirumala for a day ( 19/10/2014 evening - 6 pm to 20/10/2014 evening 6 pm .

Kindly advise

C Radhakrishnan - CHENNAI
devendra on 8/12/2014
i had visited Ahobilam recently.We really appreciate the kind of spiritual work you are doing. Hygiene and Maintenance of the place can be improved.Please look into this.
SATHISH KUMAR on 8/6/2014
Dear swami,
Adiyen traveling to tirumala with my wife and 4 year old son from 31stAugust to 1st of September.Request for room booking for one day. Please let me know the procedure to book accomodation
srinivasan on 7/12/2014
these much of days i am searching. now i found the real path.
senthil on 6/10/2014
need accommodation on 13th june
T KRISHNA on 6/3/2014
Badrinarayanan on 5/30/2014

I would like to bring to your kind notice about the bitter quarrel that happened at Tirupati Sri Matham between the comittee(Secratary - TK Seshadri) and the Aaradhakar swamy over the ownership of utensils. The secretary, his son and a cousin of him ended up beating the Aaradhakar and his wife. This event once again tarnished the image of the 600 year old mutt infront of the public & piligrims that gathered in large numbers. As a Shishyan of Sri Matham, I feel deeply pained by the series of unprecedented events happening in the math and the dictatorship attitude of the Secratary and other appointed comittee members. I request you to kindly intervene in the matter to resolve it amicably.

Badri Narayanan
Murali Krishnamachari on 5/22/2014
Dear Sir,
We are group of 18 people, planning to visit on June 20th 2014 and after darshan planning to return on next day. Is it possible to get a accommodation for us.Even if it is a Big hall, it will be fine for us.
Please let us know the availability and procedure for booking the same.


Murali K
navneet dandawate on 5/9/2014
Dear Sir,
I just want to no that Threading cermony i mean vodugu is going on in bagh amberpet temple d.d.colony. please let me no if u have any information.
K SRICHANDAR on 4/29/2014
Dear Sir,

A month ago, on 28th March 2014, I sent a detailed mail to you narrating my long tale of woe in the subject matter and seeking your esteemed intervention and redressal in the matter. The mail was sent to all the email IDs available under the Mutt website. No sooner I sent the said mail, than when in a phenomenally short interval of time I received an interim reply from 'malolan@ahobilamutt.org' to my utter surprise and happiness. I thought, at last there is somebody in the Mutt who would listen.

One full solid month has gone by. Till date, no reply has emanated from the Mutt authorities to my mail dated 28.3.2014.

May I solicit your specific reply in the matter early?

With regards

sekhar on 4/20/2014
Hi i request for accomidation in tirumala planning to come on may 10th 2014..please advice.with my infant daughther ..thanks sekhar
sekhar on 4/20/2014
Hi , i request for accomidation in tirunala.planning for come on 5/10/2014..please advice whom to contact thanks sekhar
JENVI on 4/9/2014
iam applying for religious worker for two years
iam thinking you will sent message to me
reply me
K SRICHANDAR on 3/27/2014
Dear Sir,

A couple of years ago, I received a pamphlet from your Temple announcing the above scheme that devotees can permanently take part in the Scheme as per which Pooja will be performed on the day specified by the devotee. . Enthusiastically I sent a DD for Rs.1500/- as required in the pamphlet vide my letter dated 20.5.2012 in the attachment. I specifically sought performance of the Pooja on UGHADHI day every year as it marks the dawn of new year for us. Neither confirmation, nor an aknowledgement was received from the Temple, I sent a reminder on 6th Aug 2012 ( vide the attachment) as I was apprehensive about the safe delivery of DD at your end..This reminder also could not elicit any response from the Temple authorities.

Last year, on UGHADI morning , I telephoned the Temple office to check up if the Pooja would be performed on that day as requested by me. One gentleman whose name begins with 'Pawan' answered that they are maintaining proper records and it would be systematically done and that I need not worry about it. He also assured to call me back to confirm it. No call came from him thereafter and no prasadam was received from the Temple..

When a Pooja scheme is announced by the Temple, we take it as a divine call and attach great sanctity to it. But my experience shows that the Tempel administration leaves much to be desired..

Through this mail, I earnestly request you to kindly go through both the attachments hereunder and inquire into the matter. As this year's UGHADHI falls on 31.3.2014 which is just a couple of days away, I am very particlular the Temple performs the Pooja on that day as desired by me in my letter dated 20.5.2012 meticulously .

Your reply and swift action is highly solicited.

Thanking you

Truly yours,

G.Srinivasan on 3/27/2014
I am Roopavatharam G.Srinivasan belonging into TELGU BRAHMIN residing at No.36,4th street,Tatabad,Coimbatore-12 visiting Tirumala on 13th April 2014 afternoon and back on 14th April 2014 afternoon. As already we have darshan & seva ticket, we are in need of accommodation at your premises for the same. We are family members-(myself+Spouse+female kid 4 years). The tariff & service charges will be paid at your counter or if you need in advance can be paid earlier as you wish either by transfer/DD/Cheque.
Kindly confirm to 9444143795 and email id ashlesha1965@gmail.com

Gowtham Gudimella on 3/14/2014
Dear Sir
I am Gowtham working as scientist in central government Ministry.
We are SriVyshnavas of Andhra are planning to have Darshan at Tirumala on 17 March 2014, Monday. We will reach Tirumala on 16 March 2014, Sunday evening and return from Tirumala on 18 March 2014 early morning. We are a family of two: Myself, Wife. Kindly help us with accomadation from 16 March evening to 18 march morning at your Mutt.
Gowtham Gudimella
Sumathy on 3/14/2014
How can I subscribe for Sri Nrisimhapriya magazine on line by paying through Debit/Credit Card or netbanking?
Jyothi K on 3/3/2014
Accomidation request to stay on 8th March 2014 for 10 members.
muraledhar krishna vijay on 3/1/2014
Krishna Ramanathan on 2/27/2014
Dear Sir

We are Tamil Brahmins settled in Kerala and are planning to have Darshan at Tirumala on 07 April 2014, Monday. We will reach Tirumala on 06 April 2014, Sunday night and Tirumala on 07 April 2014 evening. We are a family of six: Myself, Wife, Father, Mother and 2 kids below 5 years. Kindly help us with accomadation from 06 April night to 07 April evening at your Mutt.
Krishna Ramanathan, Kozhikode, Kerala.
bhaskerkumar london,uk on 2/24/2014
suggestion london,uk

1) 24 hour ramayan...bhagwat
ayurveda...sanskrit...bhagwad gita tv channel....radio channel.
2) chennai====sri lanka
lord rama............rawan rail link.
ro ro ferry and cruz service.
kishore kumara on 2/23/2014
Many Aspects like heavy prices at ahobilam private canteen,illiterate guides
encouraged by ahobilam mutt archakas,ruthless lobbying of jeep ,autodrivers to show 9 narasimha temples-

The Private canteen at upper ahobilam is
charging 60%-100% more on all items available with no regulations on prices.
The response given by them for heavy prices is they are paying lot of money to ahobila mutt which seems not the objective of Mutt.The temple archakas are encourageing illiterate guides charging 400 INR for just accompanying to jwala marasinha temple.There are no regulations on auto & jeep fares to move to all 9 temples in ahobilam.
Archakas never come to few temples like karnajanarasimha with no puja but door always closed safe like lockers.

The ahobilam mutt management should take these aspects seriously for welfare of devotees who visit ahobilam
with regulations on canteen by public tender,regulations on auto & jeep fares,
seperate archakas in all 9 temples so that devotees can have darshan in day timings.
T V Krishnamurthy on 2/15/2014
Can you please let me know email and phone of Ahobila Mutt at Naimisaranyam.
We would like to visit and seek help for stay there.
Thank you
obulesu on 2/6/2014
book ticket 16/03/2014
Vidya Parthasarathi on 2/4/2014
My name is Vidya Parthasarathi. I want accommodation at thirumala on 26th and 27th of march 2014. Can you please provide me the same. Please reply back.

sathya prakash on 2/3/2014
We are visting Tirumall on 5th Feb night for the Ratha sapthami function.We request you to kindly plz assit to book a room (non A.C. Room) in your mutt in Tirumala to stay on 5th Feb 2014 night.We are a family of 3 members (grandmother, Mother and Me).

thanks for your sooner reply.
sathya prakash on 2/3/2014
We are visting Tirumala on 5th Feb evening for the Ratha sapthami function.We request you to kindly plz assit to book a room (non A.C. Room) in your mutt in Tirumala to stay on 5th Feb 2014 night.We are a family of 3 members (grandmother, Mother and Me).

thanks for your sooner reply.
kanthimathinathan on 1/18/2014
Dear Sir,

We are planning to have Darshan of Lord Balaji on 13/14 April 2014. We request you to kindly provide Family accommodation for 4 of us in your esteemed Mutt for 13th April Night. We will be reaching by evening of 13th April.

Thanking you in Anticipation.

Awaiting your reply.
Yours faithfully
Bhavya on 1/10/2014
We are visting Tirumall on 5th Feb night for the Ratha sapthami function.We request you to kindly plz assit to book a room (non A.C. Room) in your mutt in Tirumala to stay on 5th Feb 2014 night.We are a family of 3 members (Father, Mother and Me).

thanks for your sooner reply.
ARVIND on 12/29/2013
I had requested for accommodation at Sri Ahobila Mutt, Oppilliappan koil street, Thirunageswaram for 3 days/2 nights from 26th Dec 2013 to 28th evening 2013. I had specifically requested for a NON-A/C room. The request was made to Mr. R.Sampath and he had kindly made this reservation for us. The room rent was mentioned as Rs.350 per day for a Non-A/C room. We were 4 persons including 2 kids and mentioned that if required we will take another room as well. Mr. Sampath had clearly mentioned that though these rooms have A/C in them, based on our request for a non-A/C room, the charges would be Rs.350 per room for a day. We therefore took both the rooms. We had used only one room for all the three days while the second room was used only for two nights.
The Manager for this Ahobila Mutt (MR. R.RAMAN) was never seen and I was not aware of his presence here until he spoke to me for the first time only on 28th post lunch couple of hours before we vacated the premises mainly for the purpose of bill generation.
As far as we were concerned, the day to day care-taking were all managed by Sampath and Krishnan. All our communications were with them and they had also reciprocated very kindly and proactively.
The major disappointment came up when Mr.RAMAN had billed us for both rooms at the rate applicable for A/C room. He had charged Rs.700 per day per room. He never enquired about anything regarding our stay and straight away made this bill. I again spoke to Mr. Sampath (who was away from Kumbakonam) over phone and clarified that the rent was Rs.350 only per room per day.
I told Mr. RAMAN that as per my communication and agreement with Sampath right from beginning and even now, the charge should be Rs.350 per room per day of occupancy and hence asked Mr. RAMAN to rectify this error.
Mr. RAMAN outrightly refused saying the bill has already been prepared and hence no correction is possible. He cannot answer his superior in the Mutt for any changes in the receipt.
I did not make a hue and cry being in a Divya Kshetram, but however it feels really bad and is a matter of grave concern that this kind of mis-management exists and the Manager (Mr. RAMAN in this instance) is not playing a responsible role and not fair in his conduct. This brings a bad name to this age old Vaishnava institution. Request you to please look into this matter so that other devotees do not experience these kind of hassles in future.
Rajan on 12/28/2013
I was blessed by Acharyas to do arathanam for last 30 years. During aradhanam , I like to chant all acharyas thaniyan. I have started collecting it from Sri Nrisimhapriya. Whether is there any book / print available. From the site , I found the details of the Acharya 45th Acharyas details are yet to be updated. 46th ( Present acharya details not available).
Srinivasan Seshadri on 12/26/2013
I am the great grandson of the 40th Pattam Sri Lakshmi Nrisimha Divya Paduka Sevaka Srivan Satakopa Sri Ranganatha Satakopa Yatindra Mahadesikan
Raghavan Krishnan on 12/13/2013
As per our sampradayam, the day starts from suryodhayam. If so, Villivalam Azhagiyasingar attained paramapadam on 18.05.2013 at 12.05 am and not on 19.05.2013 as mentioned in this site.

Devanathan S on 12/8/2013
My family (me,wife & my son) are visiting Srirangam on 15th Dec. Kindly let me know the procedure to book a room for a day at Ahobila Mutt in Srirangam.

My contact no is: 09908732142.

Thank you in advance.

Adiyan, Devanathan.
Ravishankar Purushotham on 12/5/2013
Dear Sri Sriram,
My wife and I, both senior citizens are
participating in the kalyan Utsav at Tirumala on 9th Jan 2014. As discussed on the phone, kindly reserve one double room for the 8th evening at your guest house.
We shall arrive from Bangalore on 8th at 4pm and vacate the guest house at 3pm on the 9th Jan 2014. Kindly confirm this request for accomodation. In case any payment is required in advance, kindly inform the amount to remit the same by M.O.
Thank you and with Namaskarams,
Ravishankar Purushotham
srinivasan on 11/27/2013
pleas send any free books
Hanumantharao on 11/21/2013
Jai Sriram,

Can you please help us with accommodation at Tirumala Hills on 28th, 29th & 30th Dec 2013 as we are 5 family members.

Please do the needful and awaiting for reply.

PRALHAD KULKARNI on 10/26/2013
Hare Shrinivas,
we would request you to book one room (2 adults + 2 kids ) on 08-11-2013 .we will arrive at ahobilam at 8.30 pm and check out 09-11-2013 at 12.30 pm
please do the needful
Pralhad Kulkarni
Madhusudhana Rao R D on 10/9/2013
I would want to undergo SamAshrayanam from the esteemed swamiji. Can you please let us know the process for SamAshrayanam and how do I approch swamiji. I am from Bangalore
srinivasan raghavachari on 9/24/2013
we are planning to visit ahobilam shortly. info provided in this website was very useful, especially with the contact person and tel no.thanks a lot.
srinivasan raghavachari
G.Madhavan on 9/17/2013
Previously I used to hear upantasams( for eg-Ramanuja nutrandhathu) from the site .but nowadays the files do not open.Why
Shekar.V.N on 9/10/2013
Me and my spouse would want to undergo SamAshrayanam from the esteemed swamiji. Can you please let us know the process for SamAshrayanam and how do we approch swamiji. We are from Bangalore
Sri Raghavan on 9/5/2013
Test new captcha ...
Mukundan on 8/19/2013
With all respects, I humbly request srimaTam to host on its website procedures for important duties such as mAseeka tharpaNam, upAkarma, thiruvArAdanam, etc. I can serve srimaTam in this task. I am a shiSHyan of HH the 45th jeeyar, having been blessed with prapaththi (bharaNyAsam) by Him.
Geetha Sundaram on 8/13/2013
The details given for guest house contact nos is incorrect. Request correct information.
Sridhar on 7/30/2013
Sir, Please refer Shri. Jeyar the following suggession is correct.For making the land ready for 'Homam', making hole in sealed ganga water at 8 directions of our land in underground and then pouring it(ganga water) both in air within that boundry and and our head too followed by 'Sudarsana Narasimha Homam' aswellas 'Agni Hothiram'.
Sundar K on 7/18/2013
It is highly commendable that at this time of our lives, when discipline is scarce, the school is maintaining such discipline. But it scares children who are already disciplined. Please take care. Kudos to your yomen service.
Sundar K on 7/18/2013
An excellent website, but it does not have the facility to log out of the web page. Creation of user id, password, profile is there, but now to log out?
VENKATESH on 7/12/2013
VENKATESH on 7/12/2013
Mathan Nattamai on 7/7/2013
We a family of 6 persons coming for darshan at tirumala on 7th August 2013. Kindly let us know the availability of rooms and please share the contact details for tirumala. Thanks in advance.
Sridhar Ganesh on 6/28/2013
About complete illustration of how to do "Agni Hothiram" in tamil pdf - please provide.
sama sai on 6/10/2013
We ,a family of 5 persons are visiting Tirumala on 25-6-2013 .Kindly let me the availability of accommodation for five of us in your Mutt for 2 days i.e.,25th & 26th June,2013.Kindly reply at the earliest,
Thanking you,
Yours truly,
Raghavan on 6/1/2013
I am searching for CDs/DVDs which has Desikar Slokams in Santhai Form. Please share us the details if you have.
Raghavan on 5/26/2013
Hi ,

Please let me know the ways to join Tele Upanyasam from India
mmuthukumar on 5/24/2013
i am simple devotee of acharya please accept me i am not rich enough to give donation i can service you if you come to coimbatore please give me your alms to my head and shower your prayer to come success come to my life
prasanna on 5/21/2013
hi ,
can you all post the detail description of sevakalam,sevakalam timings taking place @ srirangam for our acharyan HH45 .
Ranganathan Ramesh on 5/20/2013
Live webcast of important events of the Mutt would be of great benefit to the devotees and followers of Ahobila Mutt, spread across the globe
P GOVINDARAJAN on 5/20/2013
It would be more appropriate if the "valuable services of H H 45th Azhagiya singer who attained Acharyan Thiruvadi gal yesterday in the TOTAL development of Sri AHOBILA KSHETRAM for the benefit of entire pilgrim community" is added in the respective ACHARYA VAIBAVAM suitably. regards Dhasan P GOVINDARAJAN.
Jayakumar on 5/20/2013
Dear Sir,
We are group of 15 people, planning to visit Tirumala on June 8th 2013 and after darshan planning to return on next day. Is it possible to get a accommodation for us.Even if it is a small hall, it will be fine for us.
Please let us know the availability and procedure for booking the same.
Jyothi Yerraguntala on 5/18/2013
We are residents of Orange County, California and are planning to be in Tirumala on 9th June for Sri Venkateswara's darshan. Grateful if we could get accommodation for 4 people for one night at your Mutt. Greatly appreciate your help on this.
RAMBABU on 3/31/2013
Gopalan Iyengar on 3/21/2013
Dear Sir,

We are planning to have Darshan of Lord Balaji on 24/25 March 2013. We request you to kindly provide Family accommodation for 3 of us in your esteemed Mutt for 24th Night. We will be reaching by evening of 24th.

Thanking you in Anticipation.

Awaiting your reply.

Yours Truly,
Gopalan Iyengar
gurazada satyanarayana murthy on 3/16/2013
Padmanaban R on 2/25/2013
It would be useful if we publish the Sandhyavandhanam in English, Tamil and Sanskrit version in our website as per our (Sri Ahobila Mutt) custom and procedure.
Dr A K Srivastava on 2/20/2013
Venkatesh T on 2/13/2013
I am planning to reach on 14th morning to Oppliappan koil . I need room from 14th Feb 2013 9 (tomorrow) morning to 15th morning for one person. Kindly confirm if accommodation is available. Please give the contact no of Oppliappan koil mutt
Dr M Radhakrishna on 2/5/2013
Pl book a room for three days on 12th Feb - 14th Feb 2013 (Tue) from 10AM
R Lakshmi Narasimhan on 1/27/2013
i would like to place an advertisment in the matrimony pages in narasimha priya. Request you tell us the procedure for the same.
swetha vangipuram on 1/19/2013
om srimathe ramanujaya namaha ..
please kindly clarify my doubt , whether sri vaishnava girls are eligible for "samasthrenam" before marriage ?? does they need again undergo it after marriage if they are eligible before marriage ... which is more pure and good
PRAHLADA on 12/23/2012
Wanted 4 Nos rooms on 4th and 5th of January 2013
J.Mohan Iyer on 11/25/2012

Adiyen has a doubt. whether mandhra rajapatha sthothram can berecited by ladies? Request you to kindly clarify
Dr L V K MOORTHY on 11/24/2012
The Bhattar in charge of the mutt, Shri Laxmi narasimhan gave us a warm welcome and wonderful food, with clear guidance about places to see and sent a guide with us. We appreciate his help and thank him
N.Venkatachari on 10/30/2012
Namaskarams. Sri SundaravalliNayikaa Samedha Sri Sundararaja Perumal Kovil in Veeravanallur in Tirunelveli Dt. is a very old vaishnava sthalam also known as "Kashyapa Kshetram" Ahobila matam 30th jeer has done chaturmaasyam at this Kshetram. 40th, 41st and 43rd Jeers of our mutt have also been to this Kshetram. Last samprokshanam of this temple was performed in 1912. Renovation work of this temple has been taken up and samprokshanam of this temple would be held in Thai maasam (Jan/Feb 2013) Interested persons may kindly contact me at Chennai 4551 1819/ or mail me to nvenkatachari@hotmail.com
Adiyen Dasan
kalpagam on 10/24/2012
ஸ்வாமிந், ஸ்ரீமதழகியசிங்கரின் திருவடிகளுக்கு அடியாளுடைய நமஸ்காரம்!

எம்பெருமானுடைய திருவருளால் நமது மடத்து சிஷ்யையாகும் பாக்கியம் அடியாளுக்கு சித்தித்தது. வெகு நாட்களாக அடியாளுக்கிருக்கும் ஒரு சந்தேகத்தை ஸ்வாமிகள் தீர்த்தருள வேண்டும்.

நமது ஸ்ரீவைஷ்ணவ சம்பிரதாயத்தில் நவராத்திரியின் தாத்பர்யம் என்ன? நாம் அதைக் கொண்டாட வேண்டிய முறை என்ன என்பதை தாங்கள் விளக்கியருள வேண்டுமாறு விண்ணப்பிக்கிறேன்.

அடியாள்.. கல்பகம்
Prasad on 10/13/2012
Dear Sir, I am travelling to Trichy and reaching there on 25th afternoon by road. I need accommodation on 25th and 26th night. I will be leaving on 27th. Please let me know if Accomodation is available. Thanks, Prasad
v srinivasan on 10/9/2012
The website is very much informative. I tried to find subscription rates for the journal Srinarsimhapriya for the people within India but outside Tamilnadu. But could not find. Can u please post these details alongwith mode of subcription. Regards
Sriram Rajagopalan on 10/9/2012

Dear Sir,

We require 1 double room in Tirumala on 07-nov-12 and 08-Nov-12 as I am coming with my aged parents to Tirumala for Dharshan.

Request you to kindly let me know the availability.

Thanking you,

Sriram Rajagopalan on 10/9/2012
We require one room (3 pax)
on 7-oct-2012 on vacate on 8-oct-2012.
Kindly confirm availability. I am coming with my aged parents.
Prasanna Bharathwaj on 10/9/2012
Dear Sir, Me, My father and mother are from Madurai. We need a double room at Tirumala,from 4.Nov 2012 evening 11 PM to 6 Nov evening 6PM.Please help as we are yet to plan our trip based on your confirmation. Please help.
R.Purushothaman on 9/26/2012
Dear Sir,myself Muth sisha. Srirangam, living in Chennai. Require room in Thirupathi for my family of 4 Person
(all Adults) Double A/c on 1st& 2nd october 2012. Based on your confirmation we will plant to visit Thirupathi
DEBASISH SEAL on 9/13/2012
The Manager,
Sri Ahobila muth, Tirumala,

Kindly help for reservations of two double bed rooms for five persons (AC/Non AC depending upon the availability) from 28.12.12 noon to 29.12.12 noon. We shall start from Chennai on 28.12.12 morning and shall return from Tirumala on 29.12.12 after offering Puja and Darshan. I shall be thankful if you kindly confirm par return.



Suresh on 8/6/2012
Respected Swamins,
Humble pranams to both Jeer Swamins. The divine photos of Chathurmasya Sankalpam of Jeers is very godly and excellent. Thanks. Dasan suresh.
prasanna on 7/29/2012
can you please put procedure for yajur upakarama according to our sampradayam , a step by step procedure which "ll be useful for all to follow (for bramachari as well as for grhasthas).Thanks
SENTHIL NATHAN on 7/26/2012
I did my schooling in Sri Ahobila Mutt school, chennai and now am a professionally qualified accountant. I learned a lot lot from our school and i wanted to learn more about vedha and shastraas. When i was in school, i used to hear a Mahabharatha & Ramayana upanyasam everyweek. This website is really good and am going back to my school days because of this site. Thanks a lot.
SAI KUMAR REDDY on 7/23/2012
Dear sir , Shall we book advance cottage booking in your mutt at Thirumala , if yes , where i can contact.
satagopan r on 7/18/2012
We travelled with Sree travels last week (May 13th 2012) . We joined an already existing group which had covered ayodhya,naimisaaranyam etc and had finished pokhara sightseeing. we were asked to come to jomson on the first day so we could get muktinath darshan first. There we witnessed the unfortunate plane crash.There was a lot of chaos as Sree Travels had to go through a lot of stress with their tour people dying in the aircrash. It was a group of 150 or so and they had only 1 or 2 guides which i feel is not sufficient. They should have had more poeple handling such a big group so that they could be of help to the rest of the group. We had to further push them ,asking them about what arrangements they had for our darshan. Again we had to ask them about Pokhara sight seeing and Katmandu sight seeing. It was arranged but we had to keep on asking for it. The caterers were quite nice and they always made sure that everyone had food but the quality of food was not good . so far we’’ve heard from the pople who’’ve gone through other travels to muktinath that accomadation in katmandu atleast was excellent. our accomadation was not that good .
R.Sridharan on 7/15/2012
I am Sridharan, 63. My father's birth place is Pon Vilaintha Kalathur and we are related to 35th Pontiff of Ahobila Mutt (Kalathur Azhagia Singar). My grandfather was known as Rangaswamy Iyengar and my father R.Raman. Is there any one who has some contacts in any of the roots of this family in P.V.Kalathur or elsewhere? My father's cousin was a Prof. in Madhuranthakam Patasalai known as Veera Raghavachariar and is now no more.
Venkatakrishnan on 7/6/2012
when I was going through the feed backs, there have been few unwanted comments involving Shri Badri Narayanan, Manager. If this is true, please take action against him. I hope the management/trustee will realise the importance of pilgrims and places of worship. My ancesstors have occupied the thrones (40th Karikurichi Jeer & 41st Veeravanallur jeer), I hope the muth will take the matter seriously.
asrohio on 6/28/2012
aDiyEn replying to the message posted by "V Pattabiraman on 4/25/2012" --
Please use the following link to access the book.
If aDiyEn can be of any help, please let aDiyEn know of at prapatti@gmail.com
thanks, dAsan asr
Padmanabhan on 6/18/2012
When our His Holiness 45th Jeer was not keeping good health before the His Holiness 46th Jeer was identified, there was an appeal to the devotees to chant MantraRaajaPata Stotram & Sudarshanaashtakam which we all did and His Holiness had at that time recovered. Now it is time for all of us to mass chant that from our homes for the improvement of the health of His Holiness 46th Jeer.
Seshadri.R on 6/10/2012
The Ahobila Mutt Chatram at Uppiliappan Kovil is being mismanaged by Mr.Sampth Krishnan. Pl arrange investigation.
Seshadri.R on 6/10/2012
The Ahobila Mutt Chatram at Uppili Appan Kovil is not maintained in good condition. The Manager Mr.Sampath Krishnan is not cooperative and usually changes his words.Pl investigate the total transactions carried out by him.
Ashok on 6/8/2012
We are planning for a 2 day trip to the most amazing and Powerful LORD Narasimha Kshetra : 'AHOBILAM'{Andhra Pradesh}.

The Place comprises of Nine Narasimha Caves along with UGRA Stamba. Also we have terrific SAFARI through the intense JUNGLE.

For Departure dates and time : Please call the below mentioned Nos.

Location : BANGALORE

Mode of Travel : Force Traveller A/C (12+1) {Sri Parthasarathi Sankirtan Caravan}

Please note that we operate every month to the Holy place with lots of Spiritual Endeavor.

Contact : {Sri Parthasarathi Sankirtan Caravan} @ 9886294577,9972100083.{Bangalore}
Vivek Rajagopalan on 5/2/2012
Adiyean Dasan,
I want to get the darshan of Acharyan.
Can you please let me know what is the right time, date and place to get this darshan.
I am in chennai.
Harika on 4/27/2012
For any kind of information, packages and bookings contact our website

V Pattabiraman on 4/25/2012
I would like to know from where I can get UGATHIN SUGAM IN TAMIL BY SRI A S RAJAGOPALAN it is really very wonderful book. Pl help me
Yuvaraj on 4/24/2012
MY Dear devotees,

Please Be carefull when U stay in Ahobilam Mutt Located In ahobilam Please Carry a Lock along with you when U Go there. Coz Recently I stayed There for 2 days . On Last my mobile Worth 20000 and Lost Cash of 6000 Which was Taken out from Locked Room. So Its Better Devotees Carry Your Own lock Along with You. Which made me Sad. I am From chennai..
Ashok on 4/18/2012
Dear Devotees,


Bhakti-yoga means vairagya-vidya. Vairagya-vidya means no more attachment for this material world. That is vairagya. So bhakti-yoga means vairagya-vidya.

We are planning for a 2 day trip to the most amazing and Powerful LORD Narasimha Kshetra : 'AHOBILAM'{Andhra Pradesh}.

The Place comprises of Nine Narasimha Caves along with UGRA Stamba. Also we have terrific SAFARI through the intense JUNGLE.

For Departure dates and time : Please call the below mentioned Nos.

Location : BANGALORE

Mode of Travel : Force Traveller A/C (12+1) {Sri Parthasarathi Sankirtan Caravan}

Please note that we operate every month to the Holy place with lots of Spiritual Endeavor.

Contact : {Sri Parthasarathi Sankirtan Caravan} @ 9886294577,9972100083.{Bangalore}
Pavan Kumar on 3/28/2012
Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan!

During Marghazi Thingal, shathumorai seva is conducted 2 times everyday at around 2.30am and again at around 5.30am. But, what is the actual shathumorai seva timings in Tirumala throughout the year. Is it at 5.30am or 6.30am?
Sridhar Seshadri on 3/18/2012
aDiyen Azihya Singar 45/46,

I am related to Jeer45. My sister in law's father Kanna used to take care of Ahobilam Allagada. My name is Sridhar Seshadri S/O prof Sheshadri , I am visiting India and want to complete Shamashanam and Bharanyasam with the blessings of Azihya Singar 45 and 46. I want to complete this from April 17th to 19th, can you please let me know where I need to come and want time. I also want to be the board member from Washington , Seattle as I see you do not have member from Washington State. We are also planning to start Sri Viashnav Temle in Washinton and need Azhiya Singar's blessing. My home number in india is 040-27245667. My mom Padma Sheshadri told me that Azhia Sringar 44th last brother Ramu's wife is related as Chithhi to me.

Sridhar Seshadri
Bharani Nakshatram
Bardwaja Gothram.
P Sreedhar on 2/23/2012
Wanted accommodation from 06 PM 25.02.2012 to 05 PM 26.02.2012 for 10 adults. We are coming from Bangalore.
Ashok Kumar on 2/12/2012
Dear Devotees,


Bhakti-yoga means vairagya-vidya. Vairagya-vidya means no more attachment for this material world. That is vairagya. So bhakti-yoga means vairagya-vidya.

We are planning for a 2 day trip to the most amazing and Powerful LORD Narasimha Kshetra : 'AHOBILAM'{Andhra Pradesh}.

The Place comprises of Nine Narasimha Caves along with UGRA Stamba. Also we have terrific SAFARI through the intense JUNGLE.

For Departure dates and time : Please call the below mentioned Nos.

Location : BANGALORE

Mode of Travel : Force Traveller A/C (12+1) {Sri Parthasarathi Sankirtan Caravan}

Please note that we operate every month to the Holy place with lots of Spiritual Endeavor.

Contact : {Sri Parthasarathi Sankirtan Caravan} @ 9886294577,9972100083.{Bangalore}
rohitg on 2/11/2012
thank you give information how to reach ahobil
T S S Ramanujam on 1/12/2012
I am Thuppal Srinivasa Seshadri Ramanujam from Hyderabad. I request you to kindly let me know when can I get Mutt's tamil calender for the year 2012?
Aravamudhan on 11/17/2011
swamin, pranams whenever im trying to enter tiruvallur website it is connecting to srirangam, hence adequate correction is verymuch required sorry for disturbing
Aravamudhan on 11/17/2011
swamin, pranams whenever im trying to enter tiruvallur website it is connected to srirangam, hence adequate correction is verymuch required sorry to disturb u
n.jayachandran on 11/11/2011
my beloved achariyas,

my transcandental knowledge feel the presence of lord narasimha in divine piller by my supreme belive and faith, by lord venkateshwara.
i am very much glad that of share of divine thoughts of observations. myself is having the faith on his name.
pushpa on 11/9/2011
vanakkam, I and my family visiting srirangam from 4th till 6th January 2012. please let us know weather we get accommodation in our holy mutt, if so any procedure to be followed
pushpa on 11/9/2011
Vanakkam, I and my family are visiting srirangam from 4th to 6th january 2012. kindly let me know weather we get accommodation in our holy mutt.What may be the procedure to be followed
pushpa on 11/9/2011
I and my family visiting srirangam on 4th Jan 2012. we will be staying in srirangam till 6th Jan 2012. kindly let me know weather we get accommodation in our holy mutt. what may be the procedure to be followed
Ashok on 11/3/2011
Dear Devotees,

We are planning for a 2 day trip to the most ferrocious and Powerful LORD Narasimha Kshetra : 'AHOBILAM'{Andhra Pradesh}.

The Place comprises of Nine Narasimha Caves along with UGRA Stamba. Also we have terrific SAFARI through the intense JUNGLE amidst wild animals.

Departure date :

11th Nov, Friday 9:00 pm 2011

Arrival Date and time : 13th Nov, 9 pm.

Location : BANGALORE

Mode of Travel : Force Traveller A/C (12+1) {Sri Parthasarathi Sankirtan Caravan}

Contact : 9886294577,9972100083.{Bangalore}
pandu ranga ,g on 10/9/2011
u r doing good thnks
Vijai on 9/20/2011
Please be careful with bhadri narayan, manager of moala guest house, he gives you room where there is no hot water facility and asks you to take water from neighboring room if you have taken 2 rooms, especially 204 and 205. Geyser is not in working condition at all, bathroom needs to cleaned daily, which I think they do not do from the condition it appears, be careful, first check the room before paying (bhadri narayan)
Thiru Moorthy on 9/6/2011
Greetings...I m Blessed with a baby boy on 24-Aug-11. I had named him Rangarajan out of my love to the Lord of Srirangam..and host of factors like my favorite writer being Sujatha Rangarajan etc.,.Would like to know the meaning of the name "RANGARAJAN"...would appreciate your response..(i could not find any Queries corner in this website..hence using this medium)..Thanks a lot..
Sumithra Ranganathan on 8/16/2011
I recently went to Ahobilam for 2 days with my family. Though i followed the instructions for advance booking and also talked to Mr. Badri and confirmed for 2 nights booking for 2 A.C rooms. He also told that he would provide the booked accommodation on arrival. But we went there with family, the situation was totally different. though he ave one room, he made us wait for 5 hours before giving a temporary room just for slepping that night. IN addition the sarcastic comments and the way he talked was totally unwarranted for. There is no respect for humanity in him and he was very arrogant in his behaviour. All these could have been avoided, if there was a proper online booking mechanism for rooms at Ahobilam which can be booked in advance by guests.
The suffering was not only for me. It was for almost all guests there. If there is no booking mechanism then atleast it shoudl eb First coem first serve basis, which was also not true. When I was waiting outside in chari with my aily, I saw atleast 5 to 6 other families got rooms and accomodation from him in te same accommodation complex. I was shocked to see sucha behaviour from a person who si supposed to be helping people to have good darshan by guiging them and helping them as much possible. Can someone do sometign to put in some process in Ahobilam accommodation booking?
Just thought of sharing my bitter experience on accommodation here. Hope it is taken as constructive feedback to make life simpler and better for people coming long way to have darshan of god!
Rob Miller on 7/6/2011
cool site
O.Patanjali Sastry on 7/1/2011

I keep browsing through your website quite often. I observed that most of the articles (PDF documents) are in Tamil.

Please publish the articles in Telugu or English for the benefit of devotees from other regions.
Raghavasimhan PV on 6/26/2011
Dear Sir

I intend to to do a Life Subscription for my Father , Who is a ardent reader of Nrisimha Priya , but i fail to find a option to subscribe for it online in INR terms http://www.ahobilamutt.org/us/services/store/bkorder01.asp

Please help me subscribe online in INR


s.v.rangarajan on 6/18/2011
very happt to see that both swamis charturmasya viratham@ thirupullani
ravi varadarajan on 5/22/2011
Highly informative.Approximate bus timings at cudapppa can also be given.Private lodging facilities can also be added.
ravi varadarajan on 5/22/2011
Highly informative.Approximate bus timings at cudapppa can also be given.Private lodging facilities can also be added.
Venkatesh N on 5/10/2011
we would like visit sri ahobila muth on june 25th 2011 for 2nights for around 6to 8 pax kindly send us the tariff for the same
R. Venkata Raghavan on 5/4/2011
I like to know whether our mutt is at varanasi or at gaya. If it is there pls forward the contact number of the same.
thiru narayanan on 4/15/2011
i want to subcribe narasimapriya ,annual&life time member ship amount i want to know.
N.S.Murali Krishnan on 4/3/2011
We are interested in subscribing Narsimhapriya magazine in english, request you to kindly let us know how to subscribe and details with regard to mode of payment, address etc.

with regards
Meghana Apts
Flat no.203, Plot no.44
Bhagyanagar Hsg.Colony, Kukatpally
Hyderabad 500072

Ashok on 3/30/2011
Hi Friends,

We are planning for a 2 day trip to the most ferrocious and Powerful LORD Narasimha Kshetra : 'AHOBILAM'{Andhra Pradesh}.

The Place comprises of Nine Narasimha Caves along with UGRA Stamba. Also we have terrific SAFARI through the intense JUNGLE amidst wild animals.

Eligibility : Physically Fit for Trekking.

Departure dates :

18th Feb,9:00 pm 2011 {1st TRIP}
25th Feb,9:00 pm 2011 {2nd Trip}
05th Mar,9:00 pm 2011 {3rd Trip}

** Location : BANGALORE {Malleshwaram}

Mode of Travel : Force Traveller A/C (12+1) {Sri Parthasarathi Sankirtan Caravan}

Contact : 9886294577,9972100083.{Bangalore}
Venkatesh on 3/26/2011

We had been to Ahobilam and had asked Mr Badri Narayanan - the manager of Ahobila Mutt at Ahobilam to book a room for us over phone 4 days in advance. In spite of confirming our visit a day earlier, he didnt even respond properly on our arrival and made us wait without letting us know the status. Not only we but many other people were left to wait inspite of rooms being free.

Also he forces us to go to private rooms and makes money out of it. Such person cause great dishonour to the esteemed Ahobila Mutt.

I request the concerned authorities to take suitable action so that the devotees dont face accomodation problems after our bitter experience.
Bharath Kannan on 3/16/2011
BHARATH KANNAN on 3/16/2011

soundarrajan narasimhan on 2/21/2011

I had an opportunity to go through your website and was really impressed about the work done in it.

I would request you to publish a guide for Rig veda sandhyavandanam / aavani avitam etc which could be used by us. Did refer many websites on this subject but there is not one specific for Vaishnavites. Given the fact that not many vaadhiyaars are available for Rig veda and it becomes difficult to follow the ones that are offered by Iyers / Madhvas.

Shall be very greatful if the above request is considered.

Dhasan, Adiyen (Soundarrajan / Bangalore)
Ashok Kumar on 2/14/2011
Hi Friends,

We are planning for a 2 day trip to the most ferrocious and Powerful LORD Narasimha Kshetra : 'AHOBILAM'{Andhra Pradesh}.

The Place comprises of Nine Narasimha Caves along with UGRA Stamba. Also we have terrific SAFARI through the intense JUNGLE amidst wild animals.

Eligibility : Physically Fit for Trekking.

Departure dates :

18th Feb,9:00 pm 2011 {1st TRIP}
25th Feb,9:00 pm 2011 {2nd Trip}
05th Mar,9:00 pm 2011 {3rd Trip}

** Location : BANGALORE {Malleshwaram}

Mode of Travel : Force Traveller A/C (12+1) {Sri Parthasarathi Sankirtan Caravan}

Contact : 9886294577,9972100083.{Bangalore}
Ashok Kumar on 1/31/2011

'Sri Parthasarathi Sankirtan Caravan' is arranging Special Pilgrimage Yatra to Ahobilam from BANGALORE every month during the Swati Nakshatra occasion.

Package by Force Traveler A/C (12+1) which includes Travel Expenses, Sri Krishna Prasadam and Accomodation.

Interested Pilgrims can contact the below signed :

Contact : Ashok (9886670090)
s.balasrinivasan on 1/24/2011
wants to visit from chennai 11 members by car van stay arrangements reqd
Deepak N on 1/10/2011
Hello Sri Matam,

Please let me to know whether the text "Sri Matam Morning Pasurams (PDF)" is also available in Kannada as I Cant read Tamil.

Thanks & Regards,
Deepak N
NPS Renkarajan on 1/8/2011
I find that the Upanysam of Sri Isaiyanur Swami is not uploaded regularly. The last one was on 18th Dec., and today's upanyasam in the morning was not very clear and got stopped 15 mts,. earlier. Please look into the matter.
Dear Sir/madam,
We are planning to darshan at ahobilam on 29th January, 2011. (totall 10 members).
If there is any advance room booking? or otherwise, pl.book 2 rooms at lower ahobilam temple area
thanking you
swaytha raman on 12/23/2010
i am swaytha belonging to vadagalai iyengar community. i have completed my m.tech in bioinformatics,and i want to do research in iyengar culture to prove that all that we follow have got some scientific value.
Jeevan Kumar on 11/11/2010
Please send the procedure for booking of Rooms, Online. Thank You
N.Deva Kumar Singh on 11/9/2010
We would be arriving to Ahobila on 15th November and depart on 17th Nov 2010. 10 people would be joining me. Kindly book rooms as 3 people per room and let me know the rates also.

N.Deva Kumar Singh
varada dasan on 10/6/2010
adiyen is visiting Thirupullani on 13th oct 2010 with family as part of SRI RAMA ANU YATIRAI. i am told that food and boarding facilites are available at your mutt in thirupullani. if so, pl give the address.
mAlolan vAsudevan on 9/29/2010
In Quiz corner, this question seems to be wrong.
9. [Vedam] In our tradition, Pancha Sooktams are: Purusha, Narayana, Shri, ... ?
coz there s nothing called narayana sooktham. there s only naarayanuvaagam, which s a part of vishnu sooktham. vishnu sooktham s of two parts uttraanuvaagam and narayanuvaagam.
the 5 sookthams in vedam are Purusha, vishnu, sri, bhu and neela...
So consider mty feedback and pls check with this and publish correct info.
Thank you...
c gopal naidu on 9/27/2010
booking accommodation in online
Anuradha Anuradha on 9/19/2010
It will be convenient for the searching party if the bride or bridegroom party furnishes the family details, etc.
Raghunath on 9/14/2010
Though the site is good, many of the Telugu names of Ahobilam are spelled wrongly in English. The town is KADAPA and Kadappa. Like wise it is TIRUPATI and not Tiruppathi. PRAHLADA is also spelled as Prahalada. Kindly correct them.
madhuri on 9/8/2010
i want Kanninun Siruthaambu & gadyatriam text in telugu kindly realse your books in Telugu also
Preeti on 8/20/2010
My Father is a staunch follower of Ahobila mutt's principles. He considers the name ' Vyshnavi ' is not a vaishnava name, but somebody else from this mutt itself told me that ' Vyshnavi ' means Mahalakshmi. What should I believe? What will acharya agree with?
preeti on 7/10/2010
Hi, Could you please tell me whats the meaning of the name'Vaishnavi'? Is it a Vaishnava name or not?
Anand V. Raman on 6/25/2010
It is a useful spiritual website.
srivatsa vasudevan on 6/18/2010

is it possible to have the calender in Indian Time Zone as well ?

Thanks and Regards

Padma on 5/21/2010
I just sent my comments on Ekadesi Calculator. I thopught it would be good if the verify words can be words from vaishnavam. Namaskarams
Padma on 5/21/2010
I am a regular visiter to the site to refer for my Ekadesi days to follow viradham. I live in London and now I am unable to use that service . Could you please help me to have the sevice back? or calendar for other parts of globe also. Thank you. Namaskarams
Lakshmanan kannan on 5/19/2010
Kindly let me know the procedure to buy the book Sri vishnu puranam(Tamil edition) which consists of two volumes.
rohitganesh on 5/7/2010
im from trichy/tamilnadu. plz how to reach to temple?
శ్రీపాద on 4/26/2010
ఆర్యా!వ0దన0. USA timezone calander అందుబాటులొకి తెచ్చారు. స0తోష0. కానీ భారత కాలమానము, మన ప0చాగము కూడా అ0ది0చగలరు.
R.Sridharan on 3/25/2010
I would like to make a life time subscription for the Magazine Sri Nrisimhapriya (Tamil). Please advise if I could do so through internet.


venkatesan varadhan on 3/20/2010
i lost my way in ahobilam but i still live,i lost my service to my guru but i still live ,because guru is guru will show mercy and give his blessing through his heart from any where i live. rishikesh vardhan .i love my guru and all staff of ahobila mutt.
venkatesan varadhan on 3/20/2010
the service of desikan and bashiyam and giri are exellent they are real guru sevakas adiyan dasan,may lord narashima give them all pleasure and blessings .
Geeta Rangarajan on 1/4/2010

I, my husband and daughter saw advertisement for conducting tours to Mukthinath by SreeTravels in Dinam Oru Divya Namam programme conducted by Sri M.A.V Anandapadmanabhachariar Swami of Sri Ahobilamutt. During enquiry Sree Travels told that this tour is conducted by Sri Ahobila Mutt directly. We also believed because we saw Sri Ahobilamutt Emblem on his brochures. Once my husband called on APN'S Secretary Phone number. She also told that Sree Travels are our own people only and you may proceed. So we believed and paid the full amount. But when we saw Mr. Sathish (organiser) in Hotel sports, Pokhara drinking beer and having meat we got shocked. For our question he answered with a smiling face, Emblem on brochure is a mere business stunt to attract Sri Vaishnana Community. It was a great blow on us.

So I request Sri Ahobilamutt to look into the Matter. Being a Sri Vaishnava we can tolerate anything ie poor services, not good rooms, rude language are tolerable. Those are usual human errors. We can live on fruits. But we cannot compromise with our Mutt’s Respect and Miss using Mutt’s Name. Sree Travels is playing with our emotions, belief and community.
Sri Acharya swami is God for us. As a true devotee of Sri Ahobila Mutt we are planning to file a case against Sree Travels for misusing the mutt’s Emblem and name. I kindly request your permission to do so. I have a written a letter to Sri Anandapadmanabhachariar Swami also.

Mrs. Geetha Rangarajan
sita rao on 1/2/2010
Kindly provide downloadable photos of matham dieties as they are superb and to keep them in our puja room. More # of videos may be added for our sake please. RGDS
Shanmugasundaram on 1/2/2010
we are 11 members plan to visit Ahobilam Mutt on 12 & 13th February.
Can u book A/c rooms on the above said
Rajesh Sundararajan on 12/31/2009
Respected Sir,
This is my first visit to Sri Ahobila muth site. Content and information is excellent but entire website time & Currency is based on USA including payment gateway. Request you to make in multi currency (Specifically Indian) to help all indians also make use of online facility.
Yours Faithfully,
Rajesh Sundararajan
sanjai on 12/28/2009
I wanted to come to Ahobilam. could you please let me know how to reach Ahobilam from Chennai.

Chandrasekar on 12/14/2009
I visited your website and it has required info about the ahobilam and mutt. I planning to visit by Christmas holidays in december. Wish i get the blessing of the lord and visit all temple. Any pictures about the nine temple will be more interesting and also will bring more devotee. i will pass your website link to my network of friends.

always at the service of the lord
Lakshmi Narasimhan on 12/8/2009
Dear Swami

In the site prior to this it had the life history of all Azahgiazingars of Ahobhila Mutt and there contribution to the sampradhaya however presently it is not available Could you please put it again so that young generation will know about the lineage of the Archarya parampara


N.Lakshmi Narasimhan.
Tirumalai Nambi on 10/18/2009
1. Previously selected profiles' details would come in an email to us. Now after indicating our preference and pressing Submit, nothing happens.
2. You can make default radio buttons as: Non-smoking, Vegetarians as these are supposed to be for a vast majority of Iyengars.
Thanks in anticipation of your response.
Janani Bharathan on 10/4/2009
what should i do get the update of the happening in my mailbox? let me know the procedure please. but i have registered with the site. so i thought i will be getting it. but from then i am not getting any mails so each i miss some of the happenings. so let me know what should i do?
Janani on 10/4/2009
let me know where should register for tele upanyasam? can u please mail me the date and time?

Janarthanan on 10/2/2009
Watch my Son Anish Narayan aged 3 1/2 yrs reciting Hayagreeva Stotram @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mq_SWC-fX80
P.K.Ravi on 9/27/2009
The temple information as how to reach /accomodation/ gude servie etc are very useful for new visitors who are planning to visit the temple.
P.K.Ravi on 9/27/2009
your information how to reach temple and related messages are very useful for new comers who want to visit the temple
dasan srini on 9/24/2009
Respected sirs

I would request to add the details of address/ contact nos of various Ahobila mutt locations. This will be really be useful for people . Thanks
Vedantham on 9/11/2009
I recall that sankalpam for tharpanam varies for one in USA.Do you have one approved by Srimad Azhagiyasingar,for those living in the Bayarea in California?
narasimhan on 9/7/2009
a very useful portal to all vaishnavites particularly madam sishyas.

A N Murali on 9/1/2009
Adiyen Daasan. we are looking for SriVaishnava families as tenants for our First Floor House at Karpagam Gardens Adyar Chennai India. can you pls help me having this posted in your forums so that those families who are in need can get in touch with us asap. my contact info is mod: 0 98216 18642 ( Mumbai no)
lalitha on 8/31/2009
Let me first thank you for giving me this opportunity for sharing my views and experiences of visisting Ahobilam.
It is indeed a wonderful place and once you step on the hill, you would get a unique rejuvinating feeling of pavitratha.We had an opportunity to see 6 of nava Narasimhas around this pious place and the trip was truely very very great. There are many things which I wish to share with the readers,but I feel one needs to visit this kshetram.The greenery, the clouds butting the hills, the forests,and the majestic waterfalls are some of the other attractions for Nature lovers beyond the Sanctum Sactorium.Visit Ahobilam.It is yet to be commercially developed.The sactity of the place is at its fullest without the commercial aspect..
VENUGOPALAN on 8/16/2009
Dear Swamin,

The design of the home page of our mutt website has come nicely. However, a small suggestion. The pictures / photos of our Malolan and Acharyas are in the dark background colour, which didn't augur well for the colour combinations. If possible, a light colour background may add richness to the Home page and website. Or atleast the background of photos and script may be in light colour.


Narayanan L on 7/14/2009
Site looks awesome. information is clear.

Please take care of the typo error Muth in the site.
srivatsa vasudevan on 6/26/2009
one of the best sites providing information on our sampradayam.
Kannan on 6/26/2009
I am a Iyengar Brahmin residing in Mumbai. I have a brother in law who is frustrated in life. He wants to join the Matam for performing sevas for the Lord. Can he do so? We are Vadagalai Iyengar, Sadamarshanam Gothram. He is 10th std pass. Please reply.
sriram on 6/13/2009
May i know the shastras taught in madurantakam?
Bharath Srivathsan on 6/11/2009

Earlier Ahobila Mutt website had a full-fledged Panchangam calculator to evaluate the local panchangam for any location for any month of the year. With careful input, a full-fledged panchangam could have been obtained for any place in the world. This has now been removed from the new website and only Amavasai and Ekadashi calculators are retained.

Although these tithis are the key ones having a full-fledged Panchangam is still useful for everyday sankalpam and identifying tirunakshatrams and other functions on a local scale. Please provide / reinstate the same on the new website as well. Also, please provide information on sources where such local panchangams can be generated elsewhere in the internet.


Adiyen ramanuja dasan,

A.C.alagappan on 5/28/2009
Rajan Narayanan on 5/27/2009
Is there any way to donate through debit cards from online network?
Sampath Tirumalai on 4/23/2009
Looks like your ammavasai calculator page is broken It no longer provides us with the option to enter information.

Also you panchangam page was very useful. Would appreciate if you could get a link to that page made available again.
on 4/17/2009
Please pardon adiyen for wasting your time with this stupid question, but would it at all be possible to find out what the favorite prayers of the 45th Azhagiyasingar are? adiyen wants to chew what He has chewed but is shy to personally ask Him.
k n srinivasan on 4/8/2009
I am unable to reach the guset house on the phone numbers given in the web site. Can i have the correct number. I am planning to be there on 23/24 of this month. I require accomadation with a western toilet only. Can U confirm pl.
R.Renganthan on 4/1/2009
adiyen renganathan,
Iam from kumbakonam iam extremly happy that 46th jeer
of ahobila mutt is my own uncle.Idont know to express
my feelings in words.
Rajashree Asokan on 3/25/2009
Want to know more about contributions in Indian Rupees
prakash on 3/16/2009
I felt ashamed that so far i didnot try to know about Sri Vaishnava'. With Guru' Blessing, I will try to read about vaishnava sithantham
R.Ramabadran on 3/16/2009
The website is doing great service to Srivaishnavas all over the world, particularly disciples of the Muth.
As a proud descendenat of the 28th Jeer of the Muth I wish to point out that his Birth Star ir wrongly cited as Avani Avittam instead of Avani MOOLAM, in the Acharya Parampara pages in your website. Kindly have this corrected if possible.Regards, Adiyen Daasan Ramabadran
Bhaskar Reddy on 3/9/2009
I did not find much details about temple on this site. Please do add more photographs and details of the temples. Also please bring Telugu version of the site in unicode. That really helpful to the loacl piligrims.
Srivathsan Ramanujam on 3/6/2009
What is the price for Nrisimha priya's 1 year subscription for Indians? How can i make this online?
Balaji on 2/24/2009
Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:
Srimathe nigamantha Maha Desikaya Nama:

Dear Sir,

New Website is looking very good. Thanks for the Good Kainkaryam. Adiyen is not able to find the write up by Ananth Padmanabha swamin on Samasrayanam and Bharanyasam.

Could you please guide me to that link?

These are very useful for the new people who ever wants to have samasryanam or prapatti from our Acharya.

Azhagiyasingar Tiruvadigale Saranam!

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

Srimathe Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Divya Padhuka Sevaka Srivan Satagopa Sri Narayana Yathindra Maha Desikaya Nama:
I would like to make reservation for rooms at Ahobilam through online. How to make it?
TK Varadhan on 2/13/2009
Srimathe Ramanujaya
Dear Moderator
Adiyen used to visit the site quite often. For about a year, I could not do so. When I visited the site again this afternoon, I was enthralled to see the new look. I like this very much. It is very easy to browse the site and get the information quickly and without any difficulty. It is designed in an orderly fashion, though I am not complaining about the old one. Keep this up!

With pranams!

TK Varadhan
krishnan veeraraghavan on 2/5/2009
Dear Sir,


You are aware that lot of Tamil people in Srilanka are being killed due to the fight between SL army and LTTE. The war has come to last stage but the losses will be heavy due to lacs of people are in 300 sq km area.

While all the peace talks have failed i think praying Lord Ranganathar at SRIRANGAM would bring in Peace and both Singalease and Tamils would live together with peace and with Love.Afterall Lord Rama has donated the Murthy to Sri Vibishana ,the Lankan King.And Lord himself is constantly looking South...Srilanka

I request you to arrange to take up with HH JEAR to arrange for 'Nithya Archana' to Lord Ranganatha of SriRangam.

It is time for Madathipathies to enter and try for peace.

It would be a " Narayana Seva".

And if HH JEAR would initiate the process many would join the prayer and Lord will listen .And HE will Bless Tamils in srilanka as well Singalease.



krishnan veeraraghavan
Gangadhar Sharma on 2/4/2009
Dear Sir,
I was very delighted to visit this web site which has good information about AHOBILAM. Thi is a great service to the devotees. It will be very good, if you can add a section on the PUBLIC transport services from NANDYAL and ALLAGADDA to AHOBILAM. You can publish the to and from bus timings to help the devotees to plan their journey easily.

Thanking you
vivek rajagopalan on 1/27/2009
Hi I saw the acharya is giving pose to the photo graph like praying to us. It is totally wrong. he is equal to God and more than that. you may pictured him to see as he his praying to God but not to us. He should bless us. Please remove that one.
Vinod Mukundagiri on 1/24/2009
Srimate Ramanujaya Namah

I have been following our Ahoblia mutt webpage for a few years and it used to have very nice high resolution pictures of the aradhanam/trirumanjanam done everday in out Mutt. But with the launch of the new format , all the older pictures are gone.

I also see that the new pictures are of those shown of events in US which is good , but the primary focus shown should be that of the daily aradhanam done to all the vigrahas.

Also, some information about Samasrayanam/Prapatti was present which has been removed. I feel for the benefit of new people visiting the website they can be added back again.

I would appreciate if atleast the older pictures/documents are uploaded.

I ask forgiveness if giving an opinion on this.

Dasan Vinod.
V.Sadagopan on 1/22/2009
Dear Web site NirmAtAs :

The amount of quality samprAdhAyic content ( Text, Audio and Video) as well as the news about Sri matam activities is
incredible . This site will be used with gratitude by Sri matam
SishyAs all over the world and Bring Srimath Azhagiya Singar into the Homes of Sri matam SishyAs .
Thnak you all who have contributed so vey much in such a short time ,
Savitha Ramachandra on 1/21/2009
Respected Sir,
I am a travel writer writing about holy places of India. I am currently working on the Bhoo Varahaswamy Temple at Kalhalli, KR Pet taluk. I had been to the temple to pray and seek the blessings of the Lord before I start my job. There I got the information that this temple comes under the supervision of your esteemed mutt. In this regard, I request you Sir, to kindly help me with information relating to the temple, its history, old pictures etc. which you may think appropriate.

Kindly oblige. Looking forward to a response from you.

Thanking you,
Savitha Ramachandra.
Raghu Nandan Pyapili on
Heartly congrtulations for the launch of the new website, however i used to regularly visit the pictures of the erstwhile website which had a huge repository of all pics of Utsava murthies along with their consorts and the complete tour picture of Ahobilam temple, Not very sure if you are trying to accomodate them shortly.
Raghu Nandan Pyapili
N.Srinivasan.F.C.A. Auditor,Madurai T.N. India on
I congratilate the new website of our mutt with lucid presentation.
When I browsed the Acharyas, I found that the Thirunahshtram of 28th pontiff shown as Avani Avittam. In fact the Thirunahshtram falls on Avani Moolam.Please refer Acharya Vaibhavam Vol I & II of
Srinrisimhapriya research Centre.
N.Srinivasan,Chartered accountant,
hitendra ravalur on
the new website is very nice and fresh...but, lacks complete information ..... i think previous web site used to have lot many pictures of ahobila narasimha's and all the temple associated temple pictures .... try to incorporate all those pictures in the new site also
Vasudevan Kesavan on
Respected Sirs-

I like the new layout of this website. I would like to point out 2 features I believe are missing in this website. First, the feature to make donations to various activities of the mutt. Second is the feature to compile local calendar. Please add these features at the earliest.