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  1. [Sahasranamam] How many questions did Yudishtra ask Bhishma before Sahasranamam instruction ?





  2. [Azhwars] Who was born second among the Mudhal (First) Azhwars ?

 Poigai Azhwar



 All 3 were born together

  3. [Puranam] How many Taamasa Puranams do we have ?





  4. [Azhwars] In which Divya Desam did Shri Andal merge with Lord Narayana ?


 Sri Villi Puthoor

 Thiru Kannangudi


  5. [Azhwars] The word 'Azhwar' in Tamil refers to ?

 One who is immersed in Bhakti

 One who rules the senses

 Name of a place


  6. [Vedam] Vedas were written by ?

 Veda Vyas


 Lord Narayan

 None - Apourusheyam

  7. [Azhwars] To whom did Swami Nammazhwar speak to for the first time in his entire life  ?

 His Father

 His Mother

 Madhurakavi Azhwar

 He never spoke

  8. [Vishistaadvaitam] In how many places does a Shri Vaishnava applies Oordhva Pundrams (thiruman) on his body ?





  9. [Bhagavadh Gita] During Bhagavadh Gita Upadesam to Arjuna, Shri Krishna refers himself to which one of those among the 'Seasons of the year'  ?





  10. [Azhwars] Mudhal (First) Azhwars are called so because they/their ?

 Get first respect in temple rituals

 Pasurams are sung first

 Were born first among Azhwars




Quiz questions contributed by Sri Ramji Govindarajan, UK.