Welcome to Sri Ahobila Muth Portal
Welcome to Sri Ahobila Muth Portal

History of Sri Ahobila Matam
Ahobila Matam is a Sri Vaishnava religious institution establsihed 600 years ago in a place called Ahobilam by Srimad Athivan Satakopan. He was originally known as Kidambi Srinivasachar. He was a student under Gadikasadam Ammal in Kanchipuram. One day, the Lord of Ahobilam, Sri Lakshminrisimha, appeared in Srinivasachar's dream and instructed him to come to the temple town of Ahobilam. After consulting with his Acharya, he proceeded to Ahobilam.

Srimad Adivan Satakopan
At Ahobilam, the Lord himself initiated Srinivasachar into Sanyasam (monasticism) and gave him the title, "Satakopa Jeeyar". (Later, Lord Athippiran of Azhvar Thirunagari added the title Van and Nammazhvar added the title Athi. Thus the Jeeyar came be be known as "Athivan Satakopan".)

Then, one of the nine Nrisimhas of Ahobilam called Malolan jumped into the hands of Athivan Satakopan (see picture on the right) and ordered him to travel the length and breadth of the country. Thus began the institution called Sri Ahobila Matam and the travels of Lord Malolan to village after village so that devotees get a chance to undertake Panca Samskaram and perform Bhara Nyasam at the lotus feet of the Lord.

The travels thus started 600 years ago continues to this very day. A succession of forty-five ascetics known as Azhagiya Singar have headed Sri Ahobila Matam. They have all taken Lord Malolan to the people. The unique tradition of the Lord traveling to the houses of His devotees continues. The present Jeeyar, who is the 45th in succession, has traveled the length and breadth of the country several times.

Sri Ahobila Matam and Sri Vaishnavam
Sri Vaishnavam is the true religion of the Vedas drawing authority from the Prastana Thraiyam, namely, Upanishads, Brahmma Sutra, and Bhagavath Geetha.

In addition to the Prastana Thraiyam, Sri Vaishnavas consider the Tamil hymns of twelve saints called Azhvars as equal in authority to that of the Vedas. These hymns are called the Dhivya Prabhandham. The teachings found in Dhivya Prabhandham are completely consistent with the teachings of the Prastana Thraiyam. Therefore, Sri Vaishnavas consider the Dhivya Prabhandhams to be equal in status to the Vedas. For this reason, Sri Vaishnavas are called Ubhaya Vedantis.

HH the 46th Jeeyar
After the period of the Tamil Saints called Azhvars, the Dhivya Prabhandham was lost. During the 9th century C.E., Sri Nathamuni retrieved them by the grace of Nammazhvar and re-established Sri Vaishnavam. For this reason Sriman Nathamuni is considered the first Acharya of the modern era. In the line of Acharyas that followed, Sri Ramanuja is considered the greatest. Among his many achievements the commentary he wrote for Brahma Sutra, called "Sri Bhashyam," is considered by many to be the best.

Among the Acharyas after Sri Ramanuja, Sri Vedantha Desika and Srimad Athivan Satakopan are considered preeminent. After the time of these three great souls several Sri Vaishnava religious orders were established for the purpose of following the teachings of the great line of Acharyas.
Among the organizations that follow Sri Vedantha Desika as the torch bearer of Sri Ramanuja's teachings are Srimad Ahobila Matam, Sri Parakala Matam, Sri Powndareekapuram Andavan Ashramam, and Sri Srirangam Andavan Ashramam. Among these one of the oldest is Sri Ahobila Matam founded by Srimad Athivan Satakopan.

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