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Shri BAshyakArar's (Shri RAmAnujA)
Millenial ThiruNakshatram Celebrations

Grand Recitation of Sri SharanAgathi Gadhyam & Sri RAmAnuja NootrandhAdhi 1008 times from Sri KoorathAzhwAn's ThiruNakshatram in 2010 till Sri RAmAnujA's 1000th ThiruNakshatram in 2017.

Sri RAmAnujA (Thirukkachi, India) Sri RAmAnujA (Sri Ahobila Muth, USA)

Audio containing 45th Pattam Srimad Azhagiyasingar's anugraha bashanam on Sri KoorathAzhwAn, Sri RAmAnujA and HH's blessings to complete this kainkaryam successfully.

Sri Ahobila Muth, USA will be celebrating Bhaghavadh RAmAnujA's Millenium ThiruNakshatram in a grand manner over the next seven years befitting the mahA upachArams that this mahadAchAryan has done - most importantly showing the way (prapatthi or sharanAgathi) for all the jeevAthmAs to attain mOksham. It is a wonderful once-in-a-multiple-life-time opportunity that the current generation(s) of people have to be a part of this grand event.

The archA murthy (vigraham) of Bhaghavadh RAmAnujA (or Sri BAshyakArar or YathirAjAr or Udayavar) that accompanies Sri Navaneetha Krishnar of Sri Ahobila Muth, USA is very unique. PrathishtApanai (consecration) for this murthy was done by the 45th Srimad Azhagiyasingar at the Ahobilam divya kshetram.

We are very happy to announce that the first step in the series of celebrations is to start reciting the following works 1008 times over the next 7 years culminating with the grand finale on the actual 1000th ThiruNakshatram day.
1. SharanAgathi Gadyam (composed by Sri RAmAnujA)
2. Sri RAmAnuja NootrandhAdhi (composed by Thiru Arangathu AmudhanAr on Bhaghavadh RAmAnujA)

To accomplish the above kainkaryam, we are planning to recite the above every week through the year (except for unadhyAyana kaalam) for the next 7 years. In addition, these will be recited during Dolais and Thirumanjanams if hosts prefer being a part of this celebration as well.

In addition to above works, we are also planning to recite the following additional works authored by or authored on Sri RamAnuja during special occasions:

1. Sri SriRanga Gadhyam (composed by Sri RAmAnujA)
2. Sri Vaikunta Gadhyam (composed by Sri RAmAnujA)
3. YathirAja Sapthadhi (composed by SwAmi DEsikan on Sri RAmAnujA)

For some of us, this will be a great opportunity to memorize these great master-pieces by-heart and recite it without seeing a book on the 1000th ThiruNakshatram day.

In addition to recitations, we are planning to arrange several live and tele upanyasams by well renowned scholars to talk about Bhaghavadh RAmAnujA and his works and spread his siddhAntham.

Timing and Telecon information is provided here, so that you can dial-in and recite along in your own homes.

Please participate in this unique and rare kainkaryam in-person or remotely and receive the blessings of Bhaghavadh RAmAnuja, our entire AchAryA lineage, and the Divya DhampathIs.

Life History of Sri Ramanuja (A Brief Version)

Sri Ramanuja is like the central pendant or stone in the garland of our Acharya lineage. He is one of the most famous acharyas who established Sri Visishtadvaita doctrine in a firm ground, according to the wishes of Sri Alavandar.

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Sri Ramanujar and Sri Matam

Swami Sri Bhashyakara is by far the most significant acharya who adorns the stellar array of scholars and seers of the Sri Vaishnavite Acharya Parampara - so much so that the Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam is called the Ramanuja Darshanam, or the philosophical way shown by Sri Ramanuja. Swami Sri Bhashyakara has touched and continues touch every aspect of this Sampradayam and the acharya parampara of every sub-school of the Sampradayam branches off from Sri Ramanuja. Among these different sub-schools, Sri Ahobila Math has had the unique distinction of being associated with Sri Bhashyakara in a way that few other sub-schools have.


Relevant eBooks

The following ebooks are authored by Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan.
1. Bhaghavath Ramanuja - Sri Vaishnava Kainkaryams - ebook
2. Swamy Ramanuja's Sri Bashyam (chapters 1 and 2) - ebook
3. Swamy Ramanuja's Sri Bashyam (chapters 3 and 4) - ebook
4. Thiruvarangathu Iramanusa Nutranthathi - ebook
5. Swamy Desikan's Yathiraja Saptati - ebook

Tele-Conference Details

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Phone (USA) 1-712-432-0075

1. Sharanagathi Gadhyam
2. Podhu thaniyans
3. Thirupallandu
4. Ramanuja Nootrandhadhi
5. Desamelam ughandhidavE (prabandha saaram 14th pasuram on Sri Ramanuja)
6. Yathiraja sapthadhi
(Shlokas 1-11 and 70-74 only)

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